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mixing words, flattering world

May 8, 2010

Recently I’ve one more time noticed then there are lots words which we use without focusing our attention where they have come from. For example, several days ago I had an conversation with one man from UK, and I noticed he was able to work out lots Russian words when they are among the English ones (sometimes it happens when you do not know right words to put into). For example Russian word “Alpinizm” this is “mountaineer”. Yes, this is easy one, but I didn’t know that it came from “Alps” (Switzerland, France) but it is really easy to guess, but I didn’t think about it – just knew this word and that’s it.

And now, when we have Internet, Hollywood, Skype… it easy to imagine the world speaking one language. In the times when we didn’t have  that stuff, then certainly it was hard to imagine – when information was spreading slowly and when you stepping out to the other places, quite next to your’s, there were other languages. Good example – Africa continent. And, let’s say if the languages had been mixed all worlds into one, then it would have divided to many pieces again. But not now. Now it wold work. So, now we may say that the world is really flatter then it was, much much much more flatter in terms of languages and an information in general.

Btw, I have found the book called “The World is flat“, i guess this is somehow related to this article as well.


as likely as not

April 25, 2010


March 25, 2010

casse-tête – головоломка

  • casse – поломка, повреждение
  • tête – голова

The changes in your life or Nothing is near

March 19, 2010

Do you afraid to meet changes in your life? Do you afraid to stay alone? Do you think everything is so real that it should be so bad and nothing good could happened at all? Maybe because of the crisis that takes place in the global world’s economic system or maybe because you have not enough money to be able to avoid these thoughts which are coming in your mind again and again? “Penny for your thoughts!” How to buy the own appeasement in poor, crazy country to live here being happy knowing that now you should buy a car in order to ride among the crazy people who bought their drive permission. And then… you should buy a flat for your children? Do not forget!  “You should do it”. Maybe you should put a reminded on the wall in the flat which you are renting now then? If you think about that in the same time again and again – and again and again (repeat it 10 times), then maybe you should take a vacation 1 year long in the mountains somewhere in Tibet. It should help. (The idea here “It is bad”).

Have you ever tried to learn new languages by yourself? Or you just did it because of your school.. system asked you to do that? Did you realize why did you do it? Why did you want to learn this fucking English language if you don’t want/plan to use it in the real live. Do you like Ukrainian language but you don’t like people who live over there, I mean on other side of your country? (Is it nice do not like people? hm..) Then maybe you don’t like this language and the Country? Think about it carefully. Then maybe your thoughts are not sorted out well? Then maybe you are wrong? Think about it. Or, no – do not think for a while and after that – think.

Real life makes us conflicting for other people and for yourself as well. We think one thing but, do another think, thinking, though, that “it would be better to do first one, actually, but it is not that time for now”. Time didn’t come yet!? Maybe you are happy when you are drinking your tea sitting near TV or Internet doing nothing for couples of minutes? Maybe you don’t afraid staying alone and lie to yourself? I guess this is a sublimation of something, the regression type of that somehow related to the unconsciousness that led to the lie (if this type of sublimation is exist).

If you are in that state, then maybe you should rely on someone’s decisions, and do not try prepare the shell hole? If you are sticked up there, in the state and you think that there is no way to change it now, then you should plan when and how you are going to change it – the date, the steps. And these are those things, which you should think about and nothing more. But when you got it, when you decided “when and how”, then, and only the,n you may try to think about further things to do.

Never ask questions if you do not know variants of the answers!

This post is not about me (I feel good, this was just a local, private observation), it was made to be strange and understandable for random reader. So, “don’t worry and be happy about it” (R). Please!

the way to learn the language is to use this language

February 21, 2010

Definitely, the best way to learn a language is to use it.
I spend a lot of time sitting at a computer at the work using an operating system, clicking by buttons, reading messages and responding to its correspondingly and so on.

So I thought that it should be good way to switch the system to French language, because I’m learning it and that why it is good way to use this this way 🙂 way-way-way :).

So, this is one more reason why Ubuntu (Linux) is good operation system – there is no any problem to do it – just download some new languages packages, and voila! – the French face is taking place. (If you use MS Windows it might be a problem).

French learning resources

February 4, 2010

More then two weeks passed after I decided to learn French (and I was learning and keep learning it!).
So, now I’m familiar (a little) with French and, therefore, now I’m able to share some resources which are nice to start with when learning this language.

First of all, I should notice that I was starting learning the language with watching some presentations of the language (having some fun you might say :)) which I found through the Internet on the YouTube. But it is was just a first glance at the subject to get some immersion or just looking through.

It gave me something.. but I’m not really sure what exactly 🙂 I noticed that there are about 75 million people who speak French over the world. (It is not so bad). Also I noticed that spelling of the words is not the same as it is in the English. For example the word: “comment” pronounced as [co’mo] (last ‘o’ pronounced like ‘o’ + ‘e’ + ‘A’) and means ‘how’.  How are you going? = Comment sava  So it was my first expression.

Then, let’s say then that my first resource was you-tube.
Here are some links which refer to those video:“Basic lessons”“Cute lesson :)” “Some fun 🙂 fact”“Some words”“More words”“A frog and Alphabet”“Some numbers”,  “Some colors“, “Some common question words” “Ideas about learning from Michel Thomas”.

After watching those materials I was starting with audio course from Michel Thomas. It is amassing I should say!  So this is a second resource I use up to know.

Third resource is from BBC (I didn’t know that BBC provides material for French and other languages except English): here is a link to it.

Fourth is on-line dictionary from and Lingvo here.

Also there is nice recourse, I’ve passed one or two lessons and going to keep doing this. This resource has nice lessons with full transcriptions, pictures and well prepared material in general. I like it.

And last one; it is a private teacher who helps me to learn French two times a week, 1 hour long lesson.

So, I hope this information would be interesting to someone who decided to start learn French or learn something new. I just provide the way, the direction how you may start something new using my experience example. If you have any ideas concerning this or related topics, please feel free to contact me.

the best book for layman (French)

January 28, 2010

There is an epigram in programming that is true for learning French. Here it is:

The best book on programming for the layman is “Alice in Wonderland”; but that’s because it’s the best book on anything for the layman.


So, the best book for very first reading is available by this link. Click here.

I’m going to read it, soon 🙂

But first, must be I will read “Le Petit prince” by French author. This is like the “Alice in Wonder Land” but French related 🙂

English – French similarity

January 26, 2010

As I said I’ve stared to learn French and learning new French words I’m extremely surprised about a similarity between these two languages. They say that English vocabulary uses (or contains) over 60% French words! And it seems to be true. But the French has different pronunciation, of course.  It’s interesting to listen to audio lessons (which I’m using) which describe words in English like: one English word and for that word coming up a French word plus some explanation and rules of the pronunciation. So, for my Russian ears (even) this is obviously that almost all words are similar to each other. Moreover a lot of words have identical spelling and meaning!. And of course for me it’s good.

I have one association: My native language is Russian (in spite of that I’m living in Ukraine now), and I remember when I was small I would learn Ukrainian language at school. For me Ukrainian language was very similar to Russian (but for many foreign people it is absolutely not so) and I was not happy learning it because of that. May be French people have similar feelings about English. I heard that they don’t like the English very much (or just much) – because of the similarity.

But must be the French and the English don’t like each other not because of the similarities of their languages (they are not so similar actually – they are from different linguistic groups, you might say) but because of history: France and England always had wars and different arguments.

But in any case, it seems, they tend to think that English language is their broken (badly pronunciation) French and it is not nice. Then, following to that logic all languages are broken 🙂
So, welcome to broken world! 🙂
(Sorry for my globalism). C’est la vie.

Also it’s interesting to notice how many French words English speakers know – use as original ones. Here is a link to Wikipedia click here:

Looking for a picture that would describe the ‘broken world’ for this issue and that context. You may help. Post your comments 🙂

Learning new French words

January 21, 2010

I’ve been familiar with service, but tried to use it only now when stared to learn French. It provides really great opportunity to learn new words, and to test yourself periodically.  You may feel the advantage of using that resource when your learn something new – from scratch, like French for example. In this case you able to feel the progress from the beginning.  So, in order to start to use this resource you needed to be registered there – just create new account and let’s go.
So, this was one more thought about learning French. For now I have learned about 40 new words. My suggestions!

c’est moi

January 16, 2010

I’ve decided to learn French (français), so this is my first post about that large topic.
I’m going to use English to put the descriptions for the french issues here. So be awere when reading my post, if you are not understanding what i’m talking about in some particular post then might be it is my  French 🙂 Then just use the navigation on the right side of the site to filter french issues to be able to see only English ones. And in general,  use navigation to see more issues that I’ve already posted and don’t forget to leave your comments :). And don’t be sad, I keep adding english issues as well (because my English is not perfect yet, and maybe even not very good… any case you will able to enjoy English issues as you did it before 🙂 ).

So, the first post would be about the phrase “It’s me ” in French it’s the following nice French line 🙂

c’est moi – it’s me, это я

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