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The thing’s dream (or It is He)

January 28, 2010

It’s cheerfully moving around over the grass, changing its direction from one to another.

It was flying up, slightly gathering speed and then suddenly suspending.

It likes very much when the grass touches it and when it touches the grass, it likes to fly up over the grass, to see how the land lies, rounding the streams of the air along itself.

Although it knows nothing about itself nor about the grass, neither about the direction where it is going to. It knows just that it likes being as is. And it knows that it is afraid of ‘that’, ‘particular That’ – to get that place where it is very scary to be.

Out of the blue, some force from outside is turning it to the direction where it didn’t suppose to be, and flying over the surface, it is starting to feel that that scary (place) is going to become closer and closer to it!

It is terrible! It’s scary! Scary!!

Boom! And now it is there, in the center of That…
Having touched down, it stared at every quarter simultaneously, it was able to see a dirty dusty road curb that was just near to it, the reflection of the air under itself… child’s laughter.

A little small boy is running up to the puddle picking it up, carrying it in his arms and kicked it with his foot – the ball game is going on again. It is rising over the grass again, cheerfully jumping.

E v e r y t h i n g   i s   g o o d !!

The original essay in Russian is here:


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