This blog is about me and about some things I’m related to.

The initial purpose of this Blog is to store my stories (from here) which I have in Russian and going to translate into English. So, this is some kind of learning stuff. It is just a try to write in English well – to use similar constructions and tricks which I use when writing in Russian. So… I hope you will help me – sending your remarks and suggestions.

In addition, this blog contains categories like “idioms and phrases” and “use of prepositions” – I’m going to post there some interesting (from Russian standpoint) words and phrases (with pictures and conversations!), which might be interesting for you, if you are interested in learning English. So, keep in touch with me, looking through these pages periodically and I hope you will able to find something interesting for you (and help me 🙂 ).

Also, use news & thoughts category to track the events which connected to this blog – there you can find some URLs to other resources (with my description), some thoughts which you might find interesting.

Also I may possibly post some other issues in English which are not related with English learning and poems.. But it will be later.

Thank you!

My contacts:
icq: 271024761
skype: hardz_ukraine
e-mail: ses.box (собачка = @) gmail.com


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