searching by content in files, real example

Recently I’ve got a problem with finding some text, some content in my old emails.

I use Google account with this gmail. So I tried to find that text using gmail web search, but it was with no success. Also I have local mail client – I use Thunderbird – so I tried to find using its embedded search capabilities – but no success.

I was starting thinking that I never sent this mail or I have deleted it already.  Also.. I use Ubuntu as my desktop machine, and remembering my post about the searching by content in the files I opened my console in my home directory and type there such command: “grep -rn my_text_i_want_to_find .” and voilà – I got it.

So.. why gmail and thunderbird could not do it I don’t know it. So this is a real example of old-school approach of searching that works and able to help you.


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