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Drag a window to another workspace

June 17, 2010

I have noticed that in new version of Ubuntu there was disabled one feature which I used to use. This is the ability to drag the window to another desktop (workspace). In fact you can use Ctrl+Alt+Shift + Left or Right arrow to do it, but it is not every time convenient, especially if you’re already holding your mouse – you just moving the window to left or right side over the border of the current workspace (screen), and “flip” the workspace with your window there .
So, the feature was disabled by default. In order to turn it on again you should: use Compiz Settings Manager, going to “Desktop Wall”, go to “Edge flipping” tab and select “Edge flip Move” to be enabled.
It was really easy to fix that, but not very easy to find it in 2 minute. I like this feature. I mean this note should be useful.


horses for courses

June 11, 2010

cry out

June 5, 2010

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