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February 26, 2010



February 24, 2010

the way to learn the language is to use this language

February 21, 2010

Definitely, the best way to learn a language is to use it.
I spend a lot of time sitting at a computer at the work using an operating system, clicking by buttons, reading messages and responding to its correspondingly and so on.

So I thought that it should be good way to switch the system to French language, because I’m learning it and that why it is good way to use this this way 🙂 way-way-way :).

So, this is one more reason why Ubuntu (Linux) is good operation system – there is no any problem to do it – just download some new languages packages, and voila! – the French face is taking place. (If you use MS Windows it might be a problem).

play out and use up

February 15, 2010

French learning resources

February 4, 2010

More then two weeks passed after I decided to learn French (and I was learning and keep learning it!).
So, now I’m familiar (a little) with French and, therefore, now I’m able to share some resources which are nice to start with when learning this language.

First of all, I should notice that I was starting learning the language with watching some presentations of the language (having some fun you might say :)) which I found through the Internet on the YouTube. But it is was just a first glance at the subject to get some immersion or just looking through.

It gave me something.. but I’m not really sure what exactly 🙂 I noticed that there are about 75 million people who speak French over the world. (It is not so bad). Also I noticed that spelling of the words is not the same as it is in the English. For example the word: “comment” pronounced as [co’mo] (last ‘o’ pronounced like ‘o’ + ‘e’ + ‘A’) and means ‘how’.  How are you going? = Comment sava  So it was my first expression.

Then, let’s say then that my first resource was you-tube.
Here are some links which refer to those video:“Basic lessons”“Cute lesson :)” “Some fun 🙂 fact”“Some words”“More words”“A frog and Alphabet”“Some numbers”,  “Some colors“, “Some common question words” “Ideas about learning from Michel Thomas”.

After watching those materials I was starting with audio course from Michel Thomas. It is amassing I should say!  So this is a second resource I use up to know.

Third resource is from BBC (I didn’t know that BBC provides material for French and other languages except English): here is a link to it.

Fourth is on-line dictionary from and Lingvo here.

Also there is nice recourse, I’ve passed one or two lessons and going to keep doing this. This resource has nice lessons with full transcriptions, pictures and well prepared material in general. I like it.

And last one; it is a private teacher who helps me to learn French two times a week, 1 hour long lesson.

So, I hope this information would be interesting to someone who decided to start learn French or learn something new. I just provide the way, the direction how you may start something new using my experience example. If you have any ideas concerning this or related topics, please feel free to contact me.

down the road

February 1, 2010

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