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mind over matter

January 31, 2010


get hopes up

January 31, 2010

smoke out

January 31, 2010

blue collar worker

January 31, 2010

blue collar worker – буквально: рабочий в синем воротнике (collar=воротник). Рабочий который выполняет физическую работу.

The thing’s dream (or It is He)

January 28, 2010

It’s cheerfully moving around over the grass, changing its direction from one to another.

It was flying up, slightly gathering speed and then suddenly suspending.

It likes very much when the grass touches it and when it touches the grass, it likes to fly up over the grass, to see how the land lies, rounding the streams of the air along itself.

Although it knows nothing about itself nor about the grass, neither about the direction where it is going to. It knows just that it likes being as is. And it knows that it is afraid of ‘that’, ‘particular That’ – to get that place where it is very scary to be.

Out of the blue, some force from outside is turning it to the direction where it didn’t suppose to be, and flying over the surface, it is starting to feel that that scary (place) is going to become closer and closer to it!

It is terrible! It’s scary! Scary!!

Boom! And now it is there, in the center of That…
Having touched down, it stared at every quarter simultaneously, it was able to see a dirty dusty road curb that was just near to it, the reflection of the air under itself… child’s laughter.

A little small boy is running up to the puddle picking it up, carrying it in his arms and kicked it with his foot – the ball game is going on again. It is rising over the grass again, cheerfully jumping.

E v e r y t h i n g   i s   g o o d !!

The original essay in Russian is here:

the best book for layman (French)

January 28, 2010

There is an epigram in programming that is true for learning French. Here it is:

The best book on programming for the layman is “Alice in Wonderland”; but that’s because it’s the best book on anything for the layman.


So, the best book for very first reading is available by this link. Click here.

I’m going to read it, soon 🙂

But first, must be I will read “Le Petit prince” by French author. This is like the “Alice in Wonder Land” but French related 🙂

red tape

January 28, 2010

red tape – бюрократизм, волокита, канцелярщина

on the level

January 28, 2010

on the level – честно, откровенно
This was no fault of mine, on the level. — Это произошло не по моей вине, честное слово.
I’m on the level with you – я честен с тобой.

(levelуровень, тут может быть возвышение, на которое ступаешь когда говоришь в суде ‘правду и только правду’)

English – French similarity

January 26, 2010

As I said I’ve stared to learn French and learning new French words I’m extremely surprised about a similarity between these two languages. They say that English vocabulary uses (or contains) over 60% French words! And it seems to be true. But the French has different pronunciation, of course.  It’s interesting to listen to audio lessons (which I’m using) which describe words in English like: one English word and for that word coming up a French word plus some explanation and rules of the pronunciation. So, for my Russian ears (even) this is obviously that almost all words are similar to each other. Moreover a lot of words have identical spelling and meaning!. And of course for me it’s good.

I have one association: My native language is Russian (in spite of that I’m living in Ukraine now), and I remember when I was small I would learn Ukrainian language at school. For me Ukrainian language was very similar to Russian (but for many foreign people it is absolutely not so) and I was not happy learning it because of that. May be French people have similar feelings about English. I heard that they don’t like the English very much (or just much) – because of the similarity.

But must be the French and the English don’t like each other not because of the similarities of their languages (they are not so similar actually – they are from different linguistic groups, you might say) but because of history: France and England always had wars and different arguments.

But in any case, it seems, they tend to think that English language is their broken (badly pronunciation) French and it is not nice. Then, following to that logic all languages are broken 🙂
So, welcome to broken world! 🙂
(Sorry for my globalism). C’est la vie.

Also it’s interesting to notice how many French words English speakers know – use as original ones. Here is a link to Wikipedia click here:

Looking for a picture that would describe the ‘broken world’ for this issue and that context. You may help. Post your comments 🙂

My favourite cartoon in English… – hedgehog in the fog

January 24, 2010

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