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face the music

October 31, 2009

face the music – держать ответ, расплачиваться



other phrases with *gun*

October 31, 2009

Some interesting phrases with ‘gun‘.

be in the gun – быть под угрозой увольнения (т.к. fire=стрелять, игра слов)



a great gun – важная персона, крупная фигура; важная птица, “шишка”



sure as a gun – наверняка, дело верное; неотвратимо как судьба, как смерть
((as) sure as death, as eggs is eggs, as fate, as I’m alive, as I’m sitting here, as I stand here, as you’re born; амер. (as) sure as God made little (green) apples или as sure as shooting))


ride shotgun

October 31, 2009

ride shotgun

амер.  1) разг. ехать на переднем сиденье автомобиля (о пассажире)



Nice sample is here (YouTube).

Nice definition and history of the phrase is here.

Words form some song:

I’ll let you “ride shotgun
Out of L.A. today
It’s gonna be a hot one
Time to escape and say that you wanna
Go far away
Don’t want another hold up today
You know you’re “riding shotgun
All of the way to Vegas
We’re gonna slot one
No other way to say this
We’re gonna stack up the chips
We’re gonna be the names on your lips
You know you’re “riding shotgun

Hello everybody!

October 29, 2009

This is my first post. This post is about almost nothing. I just want to say that now I have a Blog, and.. the initial propose of this Blog is to store my stories (here) which I have in Russian to translate them into English. So, this is some kind of learning stuff. It is just a try to write in English well – to use similar constructions and tricks which I use when writing in Russian. So… I hope you will help me – sending your remarks and suggestions.

Also, maybe I will post some other posts in English which are not related to poems.. But it will be late.

Thank you!

A dream #1

October 29, 2009

I’m working on it. (The original is here )

Sunday face, Sunday face, Sunday’s child

October 29, 2009

Sunday face – лицемерный вид


Sunday punch — амер.; разг. удар, сшибающий с ног


Sunday’s child – ребёнок, рождённый в воскресенье; удачливый человек


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